Part B: Observing packaging at point of sales

I visited Chemist Discount Centre and Woolworth’s Supermarkets for two different retail environments where Rafferty’s Garden Puree Pouches were sold.

This chemist sells products at heavily discounted prices that includes toiletries, medical, cosmetic, health, beauty and baby products. There is basic shelving with little visual merchandising displays. The puree packaging is displayed stacked standing up with the front of the packaging on view to the consumer. Other items close to the puree pouches were baby teething rusks, Farax and puff snacks. In the chemist the organic brand puree was at eye level and the Rafferty’s Garden products on a lower shelf.


Above: Chemist Discount Centre

In contrast, Woolworths supermarket sells a large variety of fresh and packaged food products. Woolworths have positioned Rafferty’s Garden products at eye level so its easy to view and grab quickly while the competition of puree baby food in the more environmentally friendly jar was on the very bottom shelf where it is more difficult to pick up. Some puree pouches were also displayed at the end of the half isle in the toiletry section. Within the baby isle of the supermarket that shelved baby accessories, Woolworths had more variety of Rafferty’s Garden puree pouches, which were also displayed standing up in cardboard point of sales boxes. Most of the products and competitors in this market are Australian most likely due to shelf life of ingredients but I did locate some from New Zealand. Many of the competitors were also marketed as organic products.


Above: Woolworth’s supermarket. Rafferty’s Garden at eye level in the baby isle

photo 10

Competitors at end of toiletry half isle


Above: Competitors positioned at bottom of the shelf

The direct competitors of the baby puree pouches use same similar shaped pouches but many used larger shaped caps. Other competition and packaging in the overall market was tinned baby food, baby food in jars, plastic food purees in a packet that needed to be cut open, custards, Nutrios Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Baby Food in a box and rice rusks.

This information helps identify how the product may be displayed in different retail environments and what the consumer reads or recognises first. When redesigning the packaging of this product safety needs to be a key component.

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