Task 1: Observation and analysis of packaged products


Apple iphone

Apple products are streamlined and compact with minimal packaging that protects and communicates the product in a simple and effective method along with visually appealing designs. The iPhone is no exception utilising a simple white rectangle box to contain each section and elements. The subtle shape of the phone is embossed on the top of the lid and the phone is easy to access as soon as you open the box. The instructions are tucked away neatly away while the headphones are stored in a compact package that could be re-used for traveling.

The simple tie around the cord instead of wrapping the entire cord in plastic demonstrates functional and efficient packaging. Upon further research Apple also consider environmental responsibility with the paper used for packaging and itune cards containing recycled or recycled materials.

IMG_6798 IMG_6815

Image Above: https://nostalgiavagabond.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/apple-design-iphone-5s-packaging/


Rafferty’s Garden Puree Pouches

This product communicates on the front of the package that it is suitable “first food – 4+ months of age”.  The small cap to open the product is a choking hazard for any small child including infants. It is poorly communicated on the back of the packaging in very small writing that the cap is a choking hazard and contents should be placed in a bowl before serving. The product can be portrayed as misleading for parents as it is marketed and packaged as a squeeze pouch that a young chid may potentially use independently. It is environmentally unfriendly as no part of the plastic packaging can be recycled or re-used. The graphics are visually bright and eye catching towards the consumer.




This product does not function well for the reason that once opened the crumpets cannot be resealed. The package is torn open form the side and fails to keep the product fresh after opening forcing the buyer to consume the product quickly before going stale or mouldy.

The product is not visually appealing to the consumer through the ugly and messy packaging in what is actually quite a delicious breakfast snack. The plastic wrapping protecting the product is crinkled and difficult to read on one side. The packaging is not re-usable and also impractical in its current form. It does communicate how many crumpets the package contains, nutritional information and the branding is prominent for easy recognition to the consumer.

IMG_6513  IMG_6515IMG_6523

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