Task 2: Part C: Category Analysis

Part C: Category Analysis

A variety of packaging exists in this market including plastic pouches, glass jars, tins and microwave meals.There is numerous organic branded products but there is a gap in the market for fresh quality premium baby food and homemade style products that is wholesome with no imported ingredients. There is also a gap in packaging for the function of both good usability and sustainability.

My redesign can take on board positive attributes of the current package however I seek to address the sustainability of the plastic pouches by using more biodegradable materials where possible. The choking hazard of the cap also needs to be eliminated to provide a safer product for consumption. This may involve creating a new shape for the packaging.

The current package does protect, contain and dispense the product however the cap is a choking hazard and safety concern. The design is also misleading that a young infant or child could potentially self-feed from the design of the packaging.

The package is simple to open by twisting the cap, ideal for travel and out and about. It is easy dispense by squeezing the sides to control how much is used however the plastic pouches are not resource efficient, no part can be recycled which contributes to landfill.

The products flavour, convenience and nutritional goodness is communicated clearly. The image of a happy infant sitting with communicates its a baby food product. A consistent design and style is used across all varieties so the brand is easy to identify.

The design of the product is suitable for it price and on par with its direct competitors of approx $2.00. It does not appear to cheap or too expensive. The bright colours work well however the overall package could be improved.

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