Task 4: Designs and Market Position

Part B: Alternative Market

Detailed line drawing of structure concept for alternative market.The lid is the main label for this structure.

Week 4 part bbasic structure

Below is 6 different variations of the design of the alternative market for Rafferty’s Garden packaging.

For the alternative market I wanted to communicate fresh premium goodness and quality of the product for consumers of baby food. I applied earthy tones and a rustic loose imagery style to represent the ingredients straight from the garden and also convey the taste homemade produce.

 Week 4 part 2b

Key Features
– Twin pack that uses less resources and energy to manufacture
Twin pack can also be snapped in half for travel or on the go if needed.
The shape of the lid is also the outline of a baby’s face to communicate intended market.
– Can be sold fresh
– Can be stored cold or heated and also freezable
– Base made from sugarcane fibers and biodegradable
Easy to open

My alternative market is targeted towards consumers of baby food seeking high quality fresh food with health and well-being benefits including eco-friendly packaging. The container (excluding the lid) would be made from reclaimed and renewable sugarcane fibers that can hold hot and cold items and freezer safe. The packaging is still light, contains and protects the product along with easy access to open and use.

In summary the image below illustrates my the original product and intentions for redesign and further development for the current market and alternative market working towards project 1B. I have selected these designs taking into consideration target markets, communication, usability, functionality, sustainability, safety and protection of the product.

comparison chart

One thought on “Task 4: Designs and Market Position

  1. Well done Virginia. A thoughtful response to both the current and alternative markets. It’s good to see you’ve continued and branding elements like colour and logo design through from the original. Your alternative package communicates the intended quality, sophistication, ‘look & feel’ of a more premium positioning. For final Project 1B submission I’d like to see you make the links back to the gaps and opportunities even clearer in addition to bringing in some of the research around category analysis done in earlier weeks. This could be included in both your redesign strategy and rationale. When considering your pack analysis, I’d also like you to consider the strengths of the package not just it’s weaknesses. Make sense that a consideration of those strengths are carried through the project.

    In your visual matrix you have the pouch as an example of poor sustainability. Remember sustainability is holistically and includes cradle to grave considerations. Yes, it’s made out of plastic that may not be recyclable, but it’s light and takes up little space which means less petrol used in its transportation, less carbon emission and more SKU per pallet. I’m not suggesting a change in material, I just think you need to consider sustainability more holistically and take this into consideration when you’re rationalising your redesigns if you can.

    Last thing – regarding your design rationale, please make sure you tell us how you’ve addressed areas of communication and market position, as well as usability and sustainability. What about the choice of image? How does that communicate premium? Visual hierarchy? Branding colours? etc The original you’ve assessed as ‘cheap’ despite it claims to be ‘premium baby food’. That’s fine. You may decide that it’s claims and the way it presents itself in the original package aren’t aligned with its cheaper market position. This needs to be addressed in your final submission because your alternative market is premium/high quality.

    I know you would have done this anyway, but please look at the assessment criteria at the bottom of page 2 of your Project 1 brief and keep this in mind as you’re constructing and refining your work for submission.

    Nice work


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