Task 4: Designs and market postion

Part A Current Market

This is the detailed sketch of the structure concept for the redesign of the current market.

Week 4 basic structure

Below is 6 different variations for redesign of the current market for Rafferty’s Garden baby food packaging.

I wanted to keep the joy and fun feel of the current design but improve the visual appeal and communication. I choose complementary colours that are bold and have strong visual impact for the target market. I applied design elements and principles to explore new possibilities and design solutions through the placement of type, hierarchy, scale, repetition colour and shape

Week 4 part 1

Key Features
– Easy to open
– Light and convenient for travel and on the go
– Eliminates choking hazard
– Recyclable
– Can be used for other purposes
– Fits easily in palm of hand
– Easy to store and stack for transport.

The target market for Rafferty’s Garden is consumers of food for young infants. My redesign has a simple shape, that is easy to open, hold and reseal for the consumer. The choking hazard is removed but the design is still light and easy to store. The plastic and cardboard packaging is recyclable and the container could also be used for other purposes.

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