More Refinements

I have focused on refining my packaging structure from last week which has included creating a new template. This provided new challenges as I tested and mocked up different folds. This design still does not require gluing but holds together securely by interlocking tabs…which creates easier accessibility¬†and less strength top open.

new template Updated Packaging

There is still some minor tweaking and adjustments needed but almost there:)


Task 7: Part C – Type and logotype

I began by creating some quick ideas as thumbnail sketches

03111402 03111403

I found these a little too decorative so I began to research fonts that would communicate by brand effectively.


I found more simple fonts to work better and would cross over into other products. I choose the last row to progress with as it is simple, rounded friendly and fun.


I also began to add another element to suggest exploration by combining letters.

kidventures 2

This is my refined brand with colours and a possible tagline

Creating a Brand - wordpress