Task 7 Part B: Creating a Name


In the process of creating a name for my brand I began brainstorming ideas and creatinig a mind map with words that connect with by brand personalities, values and qualities.

I identified common words and themes from the mindmap to begin generating words


I then began to shortlist words I felt best communicated the brand.

1. Little active kids
2. Funspiring moments
3. Kids on the Move
4. Young inventures
5. Littleventures
6. Kidventures
7. Junior Discoverers
8. Little Creative Dreams
9. Floating Wishes
10. Dynmaic Kidz
11. Bright Tackers
12. Little journeys
13. Chasing Bubbles
14. Bright little wishes

From here i then narrowed it down to top #3

Kids on the Move
Junior Discoverers

Final Name:
kidventures links back well to the brand personality and values. It communicates fun, imaginative adventures for kids to discover learn and explore.


Task 7: Part A Creating a Brand

Creating a Brand

The personality of my brand is happy, fun, adventurous, creative and active.

My brand values imagination, discovering and learning to create happy memories and experiences that inspires children to laugh while exploring and observing the world around them.